An Adventure that we've never known

How we got here...In June of 2010, we went on our first mission trip to Bovec, Slovenia. We had decided we wanted to try to have a baby before we went, so we started that "process". Since we've heard stories and read the expectations, we didn't think it would work immediately. We were in Slovenia for a week, biking, hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting and sharing the gospel with a lost country. The day after we got home, I took a pregnancy test...positive. It was thrilling and overwhelming all at once. We say our baby was "made in the USA and assembled in Slovenia."
In October, we found out...it's a boy, Henry "Ryder". We already had names picked for either a boy, or a girl. We knew we wanted a baby with the initials HRS. Henry is Rodney's grandfathers name and Ryder is just a name we like a lot.
Pregnancy...let me start by saying I FULLY understand what a miracle this baby boy is and how unworthy I am to have this opportunity. God truly has given us a precious person and we are grateful beyond words. I thank Him everyday for allowing this for us. Without His Grace, this could not have happened.

I am currently 36 and a half weeks and am sitting in the hospital on bed rest. I have had blood pressure issues for the last couple of weeks and was taken off work and have been resting at home. I've had significant edema my entire pregnancy, but it has gotten worse. During our routine doctor's visit today, Friday January 28, 2011 we were told to go directly to the hospital. They will monitor me and Ryder and draw labs until Saturday and she will most likely induce me on Sunday. They started steroid injections to help with the development of his lungs. Other than these complications, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy with a very healthy, active baby.

Baby things...we have his room ready for his arrival, because we wanted to be as prepared as possible. It ends up I'll have to miss a baby shower, which was scheduled for tomorrow. At previous showers we have received lots of fun, new and necessary baby items. We feel blessed to have such wonderful family and friends, who so lovingly gave, and continue to give, everything we'll need.

The reality...We're having a BABY! It took us a long time to find each other. Neither of us thought we'd want a baby. However, finding your true love, the one that you KNOW God lead you to, the one that brings you true and complete happiness, really changes your perspective about a lot of things. I still wasn't convinced that I really wanted to be someone's mom. I enjoyed that it was just the two of us. Something changed, not to the surprise of some people, and I decided it might not be so bad to have a little KatRod. Our own little person. So, here we are, starting an adventure that so many people have survivied, praying for the very best for our new family.

The good stuff...Over the past 36 weeks, we've had some good times. Feeling Ryder move for the first time, watching my belly grow, seeing him on ultrasounds and falling in love with him. Rodney has kept me entertained through the whole process by doing what he does best. Ryder already has his own song, I've laughed so hard a few times that I nearly had one of those pregnant girl accidents. I've watched my body become something I do NOT recognize and I've had my share of hard days accepting it. Overall, though, I seriously can't complain. No stretch marks or crazy veins. Just swelling that morphed me into someone most people didn't expect to see. Take for instance this comment "You don't look like my friend Katrina, but you sure are cute." Having to rely on Rodney to put my shoes on for me was an interesting turn several months ago. Snoring so loud that he had to come into the bedroom from the other room to find the noise was a tad bit embarrassing. Realizing how much family and friends really love us by covering us with prayer, love, support and concern has been so special. To sum it up, it's really quite a humbling experience.

Now...to get our little guy here safe and sound, take him home and start what will truly be the biggest, and greatest, adventure we've shared so far.

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  1. My Sweet Katrina. I love you very much. You are the most deserving of a baby and of happiness of all the people I have ever met. I'm glad that you found Rodney and that you and he are happy and will be raising us a beautiful happy strong intelligent boy! I'm praying that your time in the hospital will be short, and Ryders time in the hospital will also be short. I will come and see him as soon as I hear the word that he is born.
    I love you baby. Don't ever sell yourself short! You are the best!!!!